Product Videos | Product Launch


We Created a collection of product videos for Vaidaan Jewellery. A brand that makes handcrafted luxury jewellery, Vaidaan was launching their new collection and were worried that the photography would not be enough to catch the eye and the new launch would not stand out.

Thats where Mehrotra Productions got involved and gave Vaidaan the idea to get a Video made for each of their product in the new collection, that way the communication would be more vivid and by mixing good music with catchy visuals we would be able to create the mood that resonates with the inspiration of the new collection- Pankh

Vaidaan was a fairly new brand in town then & budget was a concern, We through it out and figured out a way to cut on the cost without sacrificing on the quality. We merged our product video shoot with their regular photoshoot.


The project was a success & the results were eye caching, fun, & pank. 

Vaidaan's new collection was a hit & through product video every product in the new collection lineup got the attention it deserved .


" Our experience of working with mehrotra productions was excellent, Only after we saw the response on our product video, we understood why video is so important