Corporate Videos

Corporate Film For Applied solar Technologies Pvt. ltd

CLIENT: Applied Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd

DOP: Arjun Kukreti
EDITOR: Dhananjay Mehrotra

This is a promo that we edited out from the corporate film we made for Applied solar technologies (AST).

We met AST when they were going back to their investors for their series-C funding. We suggested that if they showcased a short video along with their investment pitch that would highlight the important points and leave a much deeper impact. To see builds trust. AST team got on board instantly .

Our Mission was simple we had to showcase the growth and scale at which AST was positioned.


"We want the best" this was the message we got from the chairman. 

We went all guns blazing and teamed by with the best in town script writers, director of photography, gafer, equipment providers & top skilled professional in our industry.

We combined Live action shoot, Animation, Motion Graphics, Drone Photography and the best  equipments from Red cameras to hmi lights, and the High-end color correction software. 

It was the most challenging project we have done till then, the permission to do everything always challenges your skill to maintain the balance and not lose the essence of the video.

The hard-work we put in resulted in a very clear and crisp video that the client loved. More importantly they went on to successfully get the investment they were looking for.


Nothing is more satisfying than to see the video we create serve a purpose. 

" The video was exactly how we wanted it to be and it was well received by the investors. It was great working with you."



Brand Insight Video for Fashion Label - Devyani Mehrotra

CLIENT: Devyani Mehrotra 
DIRECTOR & EDITOR: Dhananjay Mehrotra

The StartUp Had A Large Audience To Cater At Minimal Cost. And We Did It.


The purpose of the video was to make a statement in 30 seconds that the brand is read to hit the market. 

A Brand Insight Video as we call it, helps the audience to take a sneak peak of what the brand is made of and how the behind the scenes of a brand looks like. A visual storytelling to inform and make the audience aware.

 #BrandAwarenessVideo For A #FashionLabel


“Videos Build Emotional Connect & Trust With Your Audience ! “